The Japanese House at Boston Children's Museum

Visit a virtual Machiya, a Japanese wooden house, that traveled from Kyoto to Boston and is now on display at the Boston Children’s Museum.

Boston Children's Museum

Watch an animated video that traces the Machiya house’s journey to the United States, meet the family who owned this Machiya, and explore a variety of hands-on activities that highlight Japanese culture through art, food, and festivals. This exhibit includes a virtual tour of the Machiya and and an interactive page about the family who lived in it and their niece, Kiyoko Ishiyama. For more information about this exhibit or the Boston Children's Museum, click Explore Here!

The Boston Children's museum is one fo the most influential children's museums in the world. The museum was founded in 1913 with the goal of providing teachers and students a place to exchange ideas and improve the teaching of science. Using a hands-on approach, the interactive exhibits allow creativity and curiosity to flourish. Click their logo for more information.

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