The History and Making of a Fortune Cookie

Learn about the history of a fortune cookie and make your own out of origami paper.

Museum of Food and Drink

The history of a fortune cookie is probably not what you think it is. Read this amazing story, learn some things your did not know, and then click around to find out how to make your own fortune cookie out of origami paper.

4. Now use another finger (probably your middle or ring finger) and your thumb to fold the top and bottom edges of the taco together towards the center. You will have to remove your pointer finger to bring the edges fully together. There’s your fortune cookie!  5. Now use just a dot of glue to hold the two sides of the cookie together. You can hold the cookie until the glue dries or use a paper clip to keep it closed until the glue is dry.   For folks with smaller hands, two people can work together to do the folding part of this project.

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Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD)

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