Snowman Grahams

Make Snowman Grahams for a fun activity and tasy treat.

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These Snowman Grahams are too cute and super simple to make!


  • Graham crackers
  • Regular marshmallows
  • Jet puffed mallow bits
  • Wilton sparkle gel: red, green, and black
  • Wilton orange candy melts


  1. Begin by cutting the marshmallows in half so that you have two circles for every marshmallow.
  2. Place three marshmallow halves onto each graham cracker like pictured.
  3. Now cut the sides off the orange candy melts to make a small triangle from each one.
  4. Use the sparkle gel as glue to glue it onto the center of the top marshmallow.
  5. Now with the black sparkle gel, paint on the snowman’s eyes, mouth, buttons, and arms.
  6. Again using the sparkle gel as glue, glue the marshmallow bits on the graham cracker, around the snowman to look like snow.
  7. To finish your snowman, paint on a scarf with the green sparkle gel, and use the red sparkle gel to make polka dots onto the scarf.
  8. Your snowman are complete!

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