Roots & Shoots: Family Toolkit

View the Roots & Shoots Family Toolkit to learn the 4-step process of how to get involved and create a positive impact in your community!

Roots & Shoots

This is an awesome resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers! The Roots & Shoots Family Toolkit provides guidance on how to start a project that will impact your community. Using this 4-step process of service learning, you can get involved and start a project related to topics that interest and benefit you and other members of your community. Depending on your interests and the projects you choose, you may impact other people, animals, or the environment! Use this guide to learn how to get involved and make a difference.

The mission of Shoots & Roots is to empower young people to get involved and make positive change in their communities. Roots & Shoots is part of the Jane Goodall Institute. Jane Goodall has worked in species and environmental conservation, particularly the conservation of chimpanzees, since 1960. Goodall's work in conservation is what led her to start the Roots & Shoots program and inspire young people to make an impact and better our world. For more information about Dr. Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall Institute or the Roots & Shoots program, please click Explore Here!

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