Learn To Move Like Safari Animals

Go on an African safari and learn how to move like the animals with Sydney and her mom, Samantha!

Dance Parent 101

Watch as Sydney and her mom, Samantha, explore through creative movement, three animals who make their homes in the Savannah of Africa - the Rhinoceros, the Giraffe, and the Gazelle. Your child will get some great movement in as they move like Gazelles, who like to pronk or stott which means they leap into the air off all four of their legs!

This video is accompanied by a comprehensive lesson plan that involves learning mathematics, English and literacy, science, geography and more, with these safari animals. Click the Explore! Here button to view the complete lesson plan!

Samantha is a former professional dancer and teacher from Australia who aims to creatively teach children regularly used dance and movement to enforce learning of different classroom concepts and material. To learn more about Samantha, visit her website.

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