Build Your Own Edible Bike

With pretzels and marshmallows you can make your own edible creation.

Creative Discovery Museum, Chatanooga, TN

Creative Discovery Museum is a hands-on children's museum in the heart of downtown Chattanooga that inspires all children to explore, innovate, create, and play. for more information, click below.

  1. Take the two large marshmallows and twisted pretzel to make the base of the scooter.
  2. Take the thin pretzel and put it in one large marshmallow.
  3. Take the long marshmallow and turn it in the horizontal direction. Place it on top of the thin pretzel.
  4. Take a thin pretzel and half it. Place the two pieces in the long marshmallow.
  5. Add small, round marshmallows to the end of “handlebars” if desired.


Gallery Examples

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