A Family Guide to COVID

This short book explaining Covid-19 by Dr. William A. Haseltine includes questions and answers for parents, grandparents, and children.

Dr. William A. Haseltine

"A new disease has spread across our world. Schools have shut down, people around the world have been asked to stay home, businesses have shuttered, and economies are crashing....I have dedicated my life to making sure everyone, no matter where they live, no matter what their age, has access to high-quality affordable health care. My friends and colleagues know I am plainspoken, and I don’t pull my punches when I see truth."

"This book attempts to answer questions about Covid honestly, with equal measures of clarity and compassion. It is written especially for those of you who are faced with the difficult task of not only protecting yourselves, but of protecting your families, your children, your spouses, and your parents."

- William A. Haseltine PhD

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